Haynes and Boone Receives Highest Diversity Rating in Houston


The Houston Multi-Bar Diversity Committee recently awarded Haynes and Boone, LLP an A+ in its 2015 Law Firm Diversity Report Card, the highest rating out of 20 firms surveyed.

Haynes and Boone is one of only two firms to receive an “Excellent” rating and the only firm to receive the A+ grade, with a composite score of 101 out of 100, ten points higher than the second-ranked firm.

Notably, the firm ranked No. 1 for minority partners, No.1 for minority associates, No. 1 for Asian/Pacific Islander attorneys, and No. 2 for both minority summer associates and LGBT attorneys.  

“This is fantastic news for our office and firm,” said Mark Trachtenberg, administrative partner of the Houston office.  “We are particularly grateful to the firm’s Attorney Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which has spearheaded our efforts to recruit and retain minority talent. We are very proud of these results and will diligently work to remain the number one firm for diversity in Houston.”

At Haynes and Boone, diversity is not just programs and statistics. It is an important and integral part of firm culture. The Attorney Diversity and Inclusion Committee develops initiatives that open doors and create windows of opportunity, with the goal of advancing the hiring, retention and promotion of diverse lawyers in the firm.

The Houston Multi-Bar Diversity Committee was formed in 2006, bringing together the Houston Lawyers Association, the Hispanic Bar Association of Houston, the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston, and the Asian American Bar Association of Houston, with the objective to evaluate the racial and ethnic make-up of Houston's largest law firms and shed light on the progress, or lack thereof, of minorities within the largest law firms in Houston.

The grading process used by the committee in measuring each firm's performance was based on a hundred (100) point scale. Each score was then converted to a standard letter grade between "A+" and "F." The closer a firm's score was to 100, the higher the percentage of minority attorneys represented at the firm. The percentage of minority attorneys in Harris County, Texas was the primary basis for the benchmarks used in assigning points.

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