Haynes and Boone to Open Loop 360 Offices to Serve High-Tech Clients

August 17, 2000

Wade Porter, Attorney
Haynes and Boone, L.L.P.

Full-Service Law Firm Will Maintain Downtown Presence for All Major Practice Areas

Austin, Texas - The Austin office of Haynes and Boone, LLP, a full-service law firm focusing on corporate and technology law, today announced it will open an office on Loop 360 to serve startup and emerging growth companies in Austin's "high-tech corridor."

The 3,000-square-foot office in The Reserve at Bull Creek, scheduled to open in October, will be staffed initially by six attorneys who will offer a full range of high-tech legal services, including intellectual property, venture capital fundings, initial public offerings, mergers, acquisitions and domestic and international strategic alliances.

The firm will remain in its downtown office on the 16th floor of One American Center, which will allow it to continue to serve clients in central Austin and maintain convenient access to courthouses and the capital complex.

"While we're stepping out to the high-tech corridor, we see no slowdown in other areas of our practice, including trial, administrative-law, environmental and general corporate and finance work," says Wade Porter, administrative partner in Haynes and Boone's Austin office. "If we moved everything out to 360, trying a case in Austin would be like trying a case out of town. Having the best of both worlds makes it more convenient for our clients and more effective for us."

Haynes and Boone's Austin office, which opened in 1987, has grown to almost 40 attorneys. By the time the Loop 360 office opens in October, Porter says, Haynes and Boone/Austin will have added eight lawyers this calendar year.  Recent additions include two partners from the firm's Dallas office -- Jeffrey King and Richard Rafferty, both of whom focus on corporate
securities work (Rafferty will work out of the Loop 360 office). Rather than only lease additional space downtown as the Austin office grows, Porter says, Haynes and Boone decided to move some of its corporate and technology lawyers into the hilly, high-tech milieu of the Loop 360 area west of the city, where many high-tech companies get their start.

Other attorneys assigned to the new office include partners Dennis Cassell and Michael Davis, of counsel Dane George and associates Deborah Hatter and Jose Cabada. Cassell, also a Dallas transplant, says he's been advocating a move to Loop 360 since joining the firm two years ago.

"I think having a solid presence in Austin's technology corridor is very important in being a part of the high-tech community here," Cassell says. "Clients see it this way, and so do other law firms. It's recognized as a commitment to the industry."

Cassell says the office space itself will represent a distinct move away from the "wood-paneled, gentlemen's-club atmosphere" of the traditional law firm. Attorneys will work on laptops at open-office workstations, with access to two conference rooms for more private meetings. According to the designer of the space, an interior architect with the Austin firm House Reh Burwell Architects, Haynes and Boone wanted him to think outside of the box and create a space that would appeal to a 20-something high-tech entrepreneur.

"In Austin today, the typical high-tech client expects a certain efficiency  and excitement in the workplace," says architect John Knowles, who's worked on multiple law-office projects across the country, most of which have been very formula-driven. Knowles says the Haynes and Boone project has been the first he's ever worked on in which the attorneys wanted to mimic their clients' offices. The result, he says, will be a law office that is colorful, open and functional and will project a familiar and dynamic corporate culture.

"We are redefining the law firm as a workplace," Cassell says. "It's a continuation of the relaxed dress code. Not only are we dressing casually like our high-tech clients, we're also creating a less formal, less-intimidating environment in which we can roll up our sleeves and get things done."

The new Haynes and Boone office at 7501 Capital of Texas Highway North will be the second of the firm's "redefined workplaces." The first is Haynes and Boone's Telecom Corridor® office, which has grown from four to 13 lawyers since opening in 1997 and recently moved into a larger space in Richardson.  As their colleagues will on Loop 360, Haynes and Boone attorneys in the Telecom Corridor work on laptops at workstations. Cassell says Richardson attorneys have adapted well to the new work environment and particularly enjoy being closer to their homes and to their clients, which has reinforced a sense of teamwork and commitment.

Haynes and Boone's Austin office, like the firm's offices in Dallas and Richardson, offers considerable depth in technology and intellectual property law. Specialty areas include financial, acquisition and technology transactions; patent, trademark, copyright and trade-secret law; environmental law; and international trade, customs, immigration and export matters. The firm's Austin clients include Dell Computer, Trilogy Software, pcOrder.com, ClearCommerce, 3M, Xetel, Origin, National Instruments and Silicon Laboratories.

Currently numbering approximately 400 attorneys, Haynes and Boone is one of the fastest growing firms in the Southwest and represents a wide range of regional, national and international clients.  In addition to Austin, Dallas and Richardson, the firm also has offices in Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Washington, D.C. and Mexico City.

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