American Bar Association Annual Review of Litigation, Chapter 3: Appellate Practice


This chapter discusses, by topic, the Supreme Court’s business-related jurisprudence from the 2009-10 term, the key cases impacting the business community pending before the Court through the end of 2010, and existing circuit splits that may provoke Supreme Court resolution in short order. This chapter’s coverage ends as of December 31, 2010, although any major developments in early 2011 may be noted, with the intent that they will be fully addressed in the 2011 Appellate Practice Chapter.

Excerpted from the Annual Review of Litigation, Chapter 3: Appellate Practice, Kendyl Hanks and Mark Trachtenberg (with contributors), American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, April 2011. Reprinted by permission. To read the full chapter, click on the PDF linked below.


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