Class Actions In Texas

November 09, 2000

This paper addresses the requirements and evidentiary considerations of class actions under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 and Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 42.  Regarding federal Rule 23, this article focuses primarily on Fifth Circuit jurisprudence, but also includes analysis of federal cases that speak to important class action issues, regardless of the circuit from which the case comes.  In addressing the various issues encompassing Texas Rule 42, emphasis is placed on three recent Texas Supreme cases: Intratex Gas v. Beeson, Southwestern Refining v. Bernal, and Ford Motor Company v. SheldonIntratex Gas Co. v. Beeson, 22 S.W.3d 398 (Tex. 2000)Southwestern Refining Co., Inc. v. Bernal, 22 S.W.3d 425 (Tex. 2000)Ford Motor Co. v. Sheldon, 22 S.W.3d 444 (Tex. 2000).

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