Health Care Fraud and Abuse: Discounts and Waivers of Co-Pays and Deductibles

January 13, 2000

The first OIG advisory opinion was issued in the Spring of 1997. Since that time, a number of advisory opinions have addressed discounts and/or waivers of co-pays and deductibles. Outlined below are the advisory opinions addressing those topics, and references to select additional sources on the topics. There are other advisory opinions that arguably involve a benefit or remuneration given in connection with the health care service or payment, which could conceivably be characterized as a discount (e.g., a free service in connection with a paid service) or a waiver of co-pay or deductibles (e.g., a program to pay for co-payments or deductibles). This outline, however, is limited to those advisory opinions that expressly address discounts and waivers of co-pays.

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