Hot Tips on Managing the Liability Crisis Through Insurance

June 24, 2004

“Insurance” is a word.  “Liability Insurance” is an enigma.  One can look right at it and not know what it is, or whether it really is there.  One can read it and not know what it says.  Two can read it and believe it says diametrically opposite things.  It is written in black and white but it is applied (and denied) almost exclusively in gray.  

This paper is admittedly a scattershot. We have chosen certain issues relating to liability insurance that we believe affect a significant number of insureds.  Even then, we have barely scratched the surface of analysis with respect to each issue.  We who participated in putting this paper together encourage further inquiry at our phone/facsimile/e-mail addresses included herein.  For now, we hope that this paper will illuminate some of the issues that you and your corporations may face on a regular basis. 

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