Key Developments in Privacy and Data Security


Cyber threats are inarguably on the rise, and regulators and law enforcement are stepping up their efforts to ensure that companies are managing personal data responsibly, creating a perfect storm of risk. More and more, our clients are asking, “What can we do to protect ourselves?” The answer? Be aware of the risks, understand the legal implications, and prepare for the inevitable.

To that end, we have prepared a review of recent key developments impacting the field of privacy and data breach. We outline the litigation that can follow a cyber incident, federal and state enforcement efforts, developments in privacy law, issues related to insurance coverage, and the efforts of various industries to pool their resources in the fight against cybercrime. We hope that this review will highlight recent events and developments and serve as a starting point in understanding the risks that your organization may face.

If you have any questions about the review or about privacy, data security or data breach matters more generally, please contact any of the members of our Privacy and Data Breach group. We look forward to working with you.

To read the review, click on the PDF linked below.


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