Meet the Press: Guidelines for Handling Media Inquiries


That ringing phone probably isn’t the call you were expecting.

“I’m a reporter with ...” you hear as your pulse starts racing. “I’m looking at trends in your area of law and wanted to ask you a few questions.”

Some attorneys crave media attention to a point reporters will often joke that the most dangerous place in the world is between that lawyer and a TV camera.

Other lawyers have a preternatural fear of journalists. They know that their words will look funny in print, even if accurately quoted.

Reporters aren’t the enemy. In fact, they can be one of your greatest allies. Not working with them costs you the opportunity to market yourself to potential clients as a legal expert or, worse, a chance to rebut claims against a client.

“The worst thing a lawyer can do is not talk to the press,” says Phil Archer, a longtime reporter for Houston’s KPRC-TV. “I think all the better lawyers understand that, too.”

For the media-phobic attorney, a few guidelines can help ease the process.

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