Mold - Mold Litigation in Texas



Mold litigation has received a tremendous amount of press and attention in the last several months.  Almost any night of the week, you can see a news cast on the  mold infestation in a school, apartment or house on both national and local news with concerned reporters standing in front of a structure while industrial remediation crews dressed in space suits remove bags of mold covered building materials. The coverage  is approaching almost hysterical proportions. At the same time, Plaintiff’s lawyers and their consultants are holding mass “town meetings”  in suburbs, neighborhoods and  condominium associations to inform citizens and possibly sign up a few clients.
Despite the hype, mold is something to be taken seriously. Although molds have been around forever, there is no question that some molds create  mycotoxins that are harmful to humans. There is also no question that certain individuals may be very susceptible  to exposure to these molds and mycotoxins, and may suffer very adverse effects.

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