SEC Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure) - A Briefing for Corporate Directors

November 14, 2000

A PowerPoint Presentation on the Basics of Trade Secret Law. Topics include the following:

  • SEC Regulation D Executive Summary
  • The Purpose of FD
  • The Effective Date of FD
  • Who Must Comply with FD
  • Legal Ramifications of FD Regulation Violation
  • How Regulation FD Operates as a Disclosure Rule
  • Factors that Must Be Present to Trigger Regulation FD
  • Requirements Under FD's Public Disclosure Duty
  • Communications Outside the Application of Regulation FD
  • Practical Implications in Deciding How to Comply with SEC Regulation FD

Download the full presentation via the PDF below and contact a Haynes and Boone attorney for specifics regarding your needs.

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