Staying Ahead of the Curve

October 01, 1999

A few weeks ago, some curious packages arrived at the State Bar - clear plastic mailing tubes with glowing orange contents.  Inside were large posters, beyond bright, with a swath of neon orange and the phrase, "Trends Always Stop; The Curve Always Straightens Out."  At first glance, the meaning of the posters was unclear.
"What is that?," people asked.

This is exactly the response Michael Boone, co-founder of Dallas based Haynes and Boone, was looking for.  The "Trends" poster is part of a bold new marketing effort by the firm, and was sent to clients and friends.

On the back of the poster is a quarterly report intended to mimic a SEC 10Q filing, which outlines "HayBoo's" client service initiatives and professional and civic activities, and highlights recent client matters handled by the firm.  The emphasis is on the firm's commitment to innovation.  The firm's slogan, found below its name on the poster, reads, "Are you changing?"

"The idea is that the world is changing on us, and if the legal industry does not change it is going to be left behind," explains Boone.  "If you're standing still in this industry, you're going to be out of business."

Boone related that while the firm was hesitant about how recipients of the poster would react, comments have been overwhelmingly positive.  Some clients called wondering why transactions handled for them weren't mentioned.  Others requested copies of articles mentioned in the report, and still others wanted more information on client service initiatives.

Judging from the response, it looks like more brightly colored posters are on the way.

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