Strategic Patenting - a Background and Framework

November 01, 2000

Business strategies are changing as the world moves to a knowledge-based economy. Recent developments make patents a foundation upon which a company’s competitive value is often built.  In many cases, patents supercede physical assets as the basis of a company’s net worth.  Consider some recent headlines regarding patents from  business news sources:

“Patent Stampede”
San Francisco Chronicle, October 18, 1999

British Telecom Demands Fees For Hyperlink Patent
Bloomberg News, June 20, 2000
Patent Victory May Boost Qualcomm’s Bottom Line
CNET, July 17, 2000
Patent Lawsuits Mount Against Rambus
CNET, August 30, 2000
Apple Licenses Amazon’s 1-Click
CNET, September 18, 2000
Hitachi, SanDisk Expand Flash Memory Patent Pact
Reuters, October 3, 2000

Patents are an important part of the business strategy of high technology companies, whether a start up or a multinational corporation.  Reviewed here are the basics of how to implement a patent protection and licensing program, geared to the needs of the emerging technology company.

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