Texas Environmental Law Treatise


This 2016-2017 Edition of Texas Environmental Law, part of the Texas Practice Series, is a project of the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. Since last year’s edition, new material has been added and/or existing material updated on the following topics:

  • Legislation regulating the State Office of Administrative Hearings ("SOAH") and its handling of matters referred by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ("TCEQ") dealing with certain environmental permitting issues. 
  • Local enforcement under the Texas Water Code.
  • Revised GHG PSD rules, ozone standard, RMP rules and the implementation of phase 1 of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.
  • The rule clarifying the extent of federal jurisdiction afforded by the CWA.
  • Special reporting requirements for certain accidental discharges or spills of treated or untreated wastewater at wastewater treatment facilities or collection systems.
  • Permitting process for municipal solid waste. 
  • Conservation and land use statutes.
  • Disposal, treatment and storage of medical waste.

Excerpted from Texas Environmental Law, 2016-2017 ed. (Vols. 45 and 46, Texas Practice). Purchase the full edition here.

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