Texas-Mexico Bar Association Code of Ethics for International Lawyers

October 14, 1999

“I am an international lawyer.  My practice takes me to countries other than my own and requires me to deal with lawyers, clients, and third parties living in different legal systems and cultures.  I recognize that I have special responsibilities to the societies, the legal systems, and the people—especially other lawyers—with whom I interact.  I will strive always to ensure that my conduct brings honor to myself, my country, and to the international legal profession.  I undertake this Creed because it is right.  In applying it, I will always consider the spirit of higher morality and superior justice it is intended to inspire.”

The International Lawyer’s Creed (the “Creed”), created by the Texas-Mexico Bar Association, begins with those powerful words.  The Creed, and the underlying framework of cross-border legal ethics, is the subject of this paper.  See Appendix A for the full English and Spanish text of the Creed.

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