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Haynes and Boone has shown itself to be one of the most active U.S. law firms operating in Mexico with a growing list of both international and Mexican clients. Operating in Mexico City with its affiliate, Haynes and Boone, SC, it is among the largest U.S. firms in Mexico and has been serving clients in both Mexico and the U.S. for 20 years. Its fully bilingual and bi-cultural Mexico City office has legal professionals licensed in both Mexico and the U.S. and trained in both legal systems.

The firm has experience in a wide variety of Mexican business sectors. Our strong presence in Mexico is grounded in our extensive network of contacts in Mexican government, media and business. The firm has a diverse breadth of experience in projects-based finance, particularly in developing countries throughout Latin America, where regional development and sustainability rely on industrial growth in areas such as mining, transportation and energy industries.

Our legal professionals in the Mexico City office are highly experienced in cross-border and domestic transactions in practice areas including corporate; banking and finance; real estate; energy; hospitality; international and domestic tax matters and planning; litigation and arbitration; project development and finance; and transportation.

The Mexico City office is located inside Lomas de Chapultepec, a modern commercial and hotel district, and provides state-of-the-art telecommunications capabilities and abundant office space and conference facilities.

Upcoming Event - 

La Oficina Ciudad de México de Haynes and Boone ofrece un curso sobre Legislación Ambiental.

Impartido por: 
Héctor Herrera, Ph.D.
Socio, Haynes and Boone, SC

El propósito de este curso es proporcionar a los asistentes información sobre lo más relevante de la legislación ambiental federal aplicable al sector industrial en México, incluyendo las nuevas disposiciones ambientales del sector de hidrocarburos.

El curso se impartirá en español. 

Fecha del evento - Mayo 25-30, 2015
El curso se impartirá en las oficinas de Haynes and Boone Ciudad de México, en la Sala de Juntas “Dallas”.

Costo: $15,560 Pesos más el I.V.A.

Este curso tendrá una duración total de 48 horas (8 horas por día) y se enfocará en la legislación ambiental aplicable a  la industria en México.
Cupo limitado a 25 personas.

PROGRAMA disponible in el siguiente link: PEMEX-LEG-AMB-TEMARIO-MY15.pdf

The Haynes and Boone Mexico City office is offering a course on 

Environmental Legislation

Presented by: 
Hector Herrera, Ph.D.
Partner, Haynes and Boone, SC

The purpose of this course is to provide to the attendees information on the most relevant of the federal environmental legislation applicable to the industrial sector in Mexico, including the new environmental provisions of the hydrocarbons sector.

The course is being presented in Spanish. 

Date of event - May 25-30, 2015
The event will be presented in the Haynes and Boone Mexico City office, “Dallas” Conference Room.

Cost: $15,560 Pesos MxCy plus V.A.T.

This course will have a total duration of 48 hours (8 hours per day) and will focus on environmental legislation applicable to the industry in Mexico.
Space is limited to 25 people.

Information and reservations:
Tel. (55) 5249-1881

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