Teena Grewal


Education and Clerkships

LL.B., Bristol University, with honors

M.A., International Conflict Studies, King's College London


England, 1989





Teena Grewal has extensive experience providing legal advice on projects and contracts related to the exploration and production of oil and gas. She has advised on many projects for the employment of floating production storage and offloading units (FPSOs) in the UK Continental Shelf, Brazil and West Africa and has worked on many drilling contracts. Teena is co-author of Knocking at an open door: The English law approach to mutual indemnities in the offshore oil and gas sector, and has written various other articles.

Teena has previously worked as in-house legal counsel for a major oil and gas company, mainly in the upstream sector. During this time, Teena advised extensively upon a project to build and operate an offshore pipeline system and develop offshore oil and gas fields in the UK Continental Shelf. She also advised upon a wide range of contracts and legal issues (including joint operating agreements) and drafted or reviewed various in-house model contracts for the procurement of goods and services.

Teena has also advised for a number of years upon acquisitions and disposals of shares and assets and the establishment of joint ventures while working both in private practice and as in-house legal counsel for an independent power producer.

Construction News

Limitation and Exclusion Clauses: Reassessing the Limits

The ability of a contractor to survive a major claim or disaster often hinges upon whether or not the risks of loss and damage have been appropriately allocated under the contract. It is for this reason that exemption and indemnity clauses attract considerable attention – both at the drafting stage and following a major incident.


Oil and Gas

When Does "Commencement of Drilling" Commence?

The English Commercial Court considered in Vitol E&P Limited v. Africa Oil and Gas Corporation the meaning of the phrase “commencement of drilling”, which had not been defined in the relevant contract and therefore was open to different interpretation by the parties.

FPSO the Obvious Solution for Hurricane’s Huge Find

Hurricane Energy’s recent announcement of a major discovery at its Halifax well, West of Shetlands is very significant for the UK oil and gas industry. At a time when investment has been seriously reduced by the low oil price, and in the absence of any significant new finds, it heralds a potential revival in the sector.

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