Kit Addleman in the Dallas Business Journal: Under Her Leadership, Girl Scouts is Working to Close the STEM Gap


Girl Scouts of America is working to close the gap when it comes to STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

While the number of women compared to the number of men in these industries is not equal, some think that gap could widen. Studies have shown the number of girls taking these type of classes isn’t improving – which is which is where the Girl Scouts (and, specifically, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas) come in.

“The biggest project we have going on right now is the development of a STEM Center of Excellence, that’s in South Dallas,” said Kit Addleman, chairman of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas board. “It’s been endorsed by the mayor as part of the GrowSouth initiative. We’re turning a pre-World War II facility … into a STEM Center of Excellence."

... Addleman, who has a deep family history with the Girl Scouts organization, recently attended a program with other Girl Scouts chairs from across the U.S., and saw how her region compared to others chapters.

“Our board has been incredibly supportive of helping us getting the funding we need to improve programming to help the girls learn more and different skills,” Addleman said. “I was struck that Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is sort of ahead of the curve.”

Excerpted from the Dallas Business Journal. To read the full article, please click here (subscription required).

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