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Live the Haynes Boone Experience

Where We Recruit

We recruit nationally. Today more than 40 percent of our lawyers are graduates of law schools located outside the state of Texas, and the members of our firm have graduated from nearly 150 colleges, universities and law schools.

Nine to Ten Weeks of Career Development, Network Building and In-Depth Mentorship Experience

  • Attend meetings, depositions, court hearings and more to gain experience as a lawyer at Haynes Boone
  • Paired with supervising partner and associate mentors that will work with you every day throughout the summer
  • Gain substantive skills and legal insight by attending regular practice group meetings where legal training is provided


It has been our practice to set Summer Associate salaries at the weekly equivalent of our first-year associate salary.

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Additional Summer Programs and Information

  • Please click here to view our “Why HB + 1L Programs Overview (TEXAS)” virtual panel. You will hear Carlos Carrasco, CJ Donald, Austin Elam, Adam Sencenbaugh, and Stephanie Sivinski share why you should consider HB in Texas, discuss the details of the 1L opportunities available in our various Texas markets, and answer FAQs they receive from law students throughout the recruitment process.

  • Please click here to view our “Why HB + 1L Program Opportunities (West Coast)” virtual panel. On our panel, you will hear from Mark Erickson, Brian Kwok, Jason Lao, Brittany Parks, Benjamin Pelletier and Nora Titus as they give an overview of our West Coast offices and the practice areas in those locations. With two of our former Summer Associates serving as panelists, they provide firsthand knowledge about our Summer Programs in each of these offices as well.

  • Please click here to view our “Why HB + East Coast 1L Programs” virtual panel.  On our panel you will hear Erin Hennessy, Justin Riess, Phil Lookadoo, Roxanne Micca, and Angel Rendon give an overview of what a Summer Associate Position in one of our East Coast Offices looks like.

  • Please click here to view our “Energy Transactions” virtual panel. You will hear Reem Abdelrazik, Kraig Grahmann, Jennifer Littlefield, Camie McKee, Kim Mai, and Jeff Nichols share the ins and outs of our Energy Transactions practice groups and how they have adapted to the ever-changing energy sector. Additionally, they discuss what sets Haynes Boone apart from other firms, and briefly cover the 1L opportunities we are offering this year.

  • Please click here to view our “General Transactional (BT + FT)” virtual panel. You will hear Brent Beckert, Caite Evans, Abbey Hone, Monika Sanford, Erica Santamaria, and Matt Stewart share the ins and outs of our general transactional practice groups and what sets Haynes Boone apart from other firms. Additionally, they will briefly cover the 1L opportunities we are offering this year.

  • Please click here to view our “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” virtual panel. Haynes Boone is committed to advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through mentoring opportunities, inclusion networks, and partnerships with organizations. On our panel, you will hear from our Chief DEI Officer and Partner, Sharon Jones, alongside Brian Kwok, Robin Ladd, Theresa Conduah, and Neil Issar about our DEI Initiatives and how we are continually building an inclusive work environment. To view our DEI Social Impact Report, please click here.

  • Please click here to view our “IP Practice Group” virtual panel. On our panel, you will hear from Raghav Bajaj, Jason Lao, Rob LeBlanc, Angela Oliver, and Stephanie Sivinski give an overview of our IP practices, including examples where their practice collaborates with non-IP practices, and why they choose to work at Haynes Boone.

  • Please click here to view our “LGBTQ+” virtual panel where Scott Thompson, Joanna Pearce, Ben Pelletier, and Kate Freeman discuss what life is like as an LGBTQ+ attorney at Haynes Boone and the multiple resources the firm has implemented for queer identifying employees.

  • Please click here to view our “Welcome to Big Law” virtual panel where members of firm leadership, including our Managing Partner, Taylor Wilson and Firm-Wide Entry-Level Hiring Partner, Brad Holdbrook, give an overview of Big Law, including information on the business of law and best practices during the 1L recruiting process.
Most Haynes Boone associates are recruited through our summer associate program. Our summer associates spend at least nine weeks with us, working with our lawyers, experiencing the firm, networking at all levels, and having a lot of fun! Access more information about Your Summer Experience with Haynes Boone here.

The Diversity Scholars Program has been established to attract outstanding diverse students to the private practice of law while helping these students be successful in law school through both work and mentorship experiences afforded by the program. Visit the Diversity Scholars Program page for full details about this program.

The Haynes Boone Fast Track Program is hosted in our Dallas office and is a one-week clerkship that is intended to familiarize a law student with the Texas legal market and life at a large law firm while giving participants an in-depth look at the people and practices at Haynes Boone. This ground-breaking alternative to the traditional summer program provides a unique opportunity to experience Haynes Boone’s dynamic culture and meet other exceptionally qualified 1L students from top law schools.
Haynes Boone uses the Suited Assessment as part of our candidate evaluation and recruitment process to expand our consideration of candidates beyond traditional hiring metrics. Information on what is measured by the assessment, Suited’s data retention policies, and how to request a reasonable accommodation may be found here ¹. Completing the Suited assessment is a mandatory part of our recruiting process; however, should you believe that even with appropriate reasonable accommodations enabled you require an alternative selection procedure, please email the Managers of Entry-Level Recruiting, Amy Hill or Audrey Youngman. To see the results of our AEDT bias audit required under New York City Local Law 144, please click here ².