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For more than 13 years, Haynes Boone has published a weekly blog series - Practical Benefits Lawyer. This series regularly publishes about trending issues related to Benefits and Executive Compensation. Because of its longstanding followers and regular requests for previously posted articles, we have relocated the blog within our main website.

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AI Chats is a podcast series produced by the law firm of Haynes and Boone, and lawyers from its AI and Deep Learning Practice Group to explore the exciting, ever-evolving, and occasionally controversial world of artificial intelligence. In this episode of the AI Chats, lawyers Eugene Goryunov, Dina Blikshteyn and Austin Lorch discuss AI and Wine Industry.

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Haynes Boone Counsel Hong Shi speaks with Professor Susan Morse from University of Texas, School of Law, to discuss legal regulation for AI. While AI has the potential to transform many industries, there are concerns about potential misuse of AI. Do AI systems follow the law? What design choices can the law make to encourage legal compliance by robots? Professor Morse provides insights into these important questions, with her study of tax compliance robots, such as TurboTax that actually many of us use.

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In the latest episode of HB Media Minute, Haynes Boone Partner Ryan Patrick discusses how businesses can use civil enforcement procedures to investigate whether their trademarks and copyrights have been infringed --  and, if they establish an infringement, how they can go about seizing counterfeit products. The former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas from 2018-2021, Patrick details the prevalence of counterfeiting, the significant costs it imposes on businesses, how civil investigations into counterfeiting are analogous to criminal investigations, the differences between grey market and black market good, and some of the methods businesses case use to police fake products and penalize counterfeiters. 

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In the latest On Track, Houston Partner Brent Shultz and Dallas Partner Robert Bruner discuss how ongoing sanctions levied against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine have impacted hedge funds and private equity funds, which often count Russian oligarchs as investors. Brent and Robert discuss the impact of sanctions on subscription credit facilities; the sort of due diligence that fund managers and subscription lenders perform into investors of funds; the challenges of determining if a particular investor is in fact on a sanctions list; and the steps that funds should take if they determine that an investor is on a sanctions list. A partner in the firm’s Fund Finance Practice, Shultz has negotiated and closed billions of dollars of complex debt financings. Bruner, a partner in the Investment Management Practice, regularly advises private equity and hedge funds in connection with the formation and operation of the funds.

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Haynes Boone Associate Michael Lambert appears on HB Media Minute to discuss the media’s increasing use of drones in news coverage and how drone usage might be impacted by a recent federal court ruling that Texas’ restrictive drone law is unconstitutional. Michael explained the Texas law at issue, which imposed civil and criminal penalties for the use of drones for certain purposes, such as to capture images of an individual or privately owned property with “the intent to conduct surveillance.” Michael analyzed why Texas federal judge Robert Pitman declared the law unconstitutional and how that ruling, which was issued in March 2022 and is currently on appeal, could provide Texas journalists great latitude to use drones. However the case is resolved, Michael explains, drone users still need to abide by federal laws and other regulations and other restrictions governing drone flights. 

Listen to the podcast here.