HB Hedge Fund - UK

The Haynes Boone team are proud to present our Hedge Fund Launch Guide (UK). We hope our readers find this Guide a useful introduction to the process of bringing a new hedge fund to market and that it answers some of the questions you may have.

You may browse through the Guide below or download a copy of the Hedge Fund Launch Guide (UK) here.

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The Four Sections of the Guide

  1. Choosing a Structure for your Management Business in the UK
  2. UK Regulation: FCA Authorisation or Regulatory Hosting?
  3. FCA Authorisation: How to Navigate the Process
  4. FCA Authorisation: Capital Adequacy and Reporting
  5. Using a Regulatory Hosting Firm
  6. An Introduction to the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)
  7. US Regulation                                                
  8. Outsourcing
  9. Your People
  10. Insights from Hedge Fund COOs

Download Section ONE - Your Management Business

  1. Typical Fund Structures
  2. Fund Domiciles Cayman, Ireland and Luxembourg
  3. Principal Documents
  4. Principal Parties
  5. Fund Directors
  6. Governance and Control
  7. Choosing the Right Auditor
  8. Liquidity Management
  9. An Alternative Approach: The Separately Managed Account

Download Section TWO - The Fund

  1. Marketing and Regulation
  2. Building a Brand
  3. Top Tips for Raising Capital

Download Section THREE - Raising Capital

  1. US and Cayman Tax Considerations for Cayman Investment Fund Structures
  2. UK Tax Considerations (the Investment Manager Exemption)
  3. Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure
  4. Insurance

Download Section FOUR - Running a Fund and Other Considerations