Jason Habinsky in NPR: #MeToo Awareness Sharpens Focus On Pay Equity


Haynes and Boone, LLP Partner Jason Habinsky talked with National Public Radio (NPR) about how pay equity is receiving increased legal and political scrutiny in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Here is an excerpt:

The attention is prompting many large employers to conduct pay audits and correct any discrepancies, says Jason Habinsky, a New York employment attorney. "It's on several different fronts," he says. "Fortunately, the majority of employers want to do the right thing."

Habinsky says employers should conduct audits to gauge whether there are discrepancies in pay. Often, he says, audits will reveal inequalities.

"Then the question becomes: Are these disparities based upon legitimate reasons or are these disparities based upon historical inequalities or decision makers making poor decisions?" Habinsky says. Most often, he says, his clients will fix those problems by paying the underpaid workers more.

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