Jason Habinsky in XpertHR: Closing the Wage Gap - Dos and Don’ts for Employers


The issue of equal pay is everywhere today, and the push for pay equity, pay transparency and closing the wage gap is taking on a life of its own...Here are some dos and don’ts for employers to follow when it comes to promoting and ensuring equal pay and closing the wage gap in the workplace...

Do Keep Adequate Records and Documentation

It is critical for an employer to be detailed and thorough when it comes to maintaining records regarding pay practices and ensure that all decisions regarding pay, performance and promotion are carefully documented. Complete records can be a very useful tool and provide critical evidence if an employer faces an equal pay or wage discrimination claim down the line. This will also make it easier if and when the EEOC’s new EEO-1 Report takes effect in 2018.

New York City employment attorney Jason Habinsky, a partner at Haynes and Boone, says, “The recent trend towards pay equality provides employers with the impetus to remedy institutional disparity and the opportunity to embark upon a fresh start with pay equality as a priority. To accomplish these goals, employers need to commit to the heavy- lifting involved, which includes a steady regimen of homework, evaluation, documentation, and implementation.”

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