Requests for Equitable Adjustment, Claims, and Litigation

Haynes Boone delivers decades of tangible experience working with clients to strategize, analyze, and develop theories for recovery under the Contract Disputes Act (CDA). Our firm works in tandem with clients to prepare Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REAs) and certified claims, and to pursue recovery in dispute resolution and litigation before Boards of Contract Appeals, the Court of Federal Claims, and related appeals before the Federal Circuit. We also regularly defend contractors when the government pursues claims against them.

Our team works in partnership with clients and their program, accounting, engineering, and legal departments in all stages of a contract to develop strategies for recovery. Our attorneys investigate the facts, develop legal theories, and draft and present tailored REAs and claims to each contract, working to preserve the relationship with the government while maximizing the potential for recovery.

Our team is comprised of seasoned government contract attorneys who have successfully pursued recovery under theories such as constructive change, performance delay or acceleration, superior knowledge, and defective specifications.

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