GAR's 'Guide to Energy Arbitrations': Offshore Vessel Construction Disputes

Haynes and Boone CDG is proud to continue to feature a chapter in Global Arbitration Review’s (GAR) Guide to Energy Arbitrations, the Third Edition of which has just been published. The Guide to Energy Arbitrations is a widely regarded reference tool for energy companies, their advisers and arbitrators. It compiles information on the multitude of potential issues that may arise in energy disputes and provides guidance for minimizing the risk of and resolving such disputes, written by authors who are renowned in the industry.

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About the Chapter

The chapter on Offshore Vessel Construction Disputes provides an overview as to why arbitration is the typically adopted method of dispute resolution in respect of newbuilding projects for offshore oil and gas industry vessels, the types of disputes that commonly arise both pre and post-delivery, how such disputes are usually resolved, and considers some strategies commonly adopted for their successful resolution by arbitration.

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