New York Anti-Harassment Notice Deadlines Are Quickly Approaching

August 28, 2018

The New York City Commission on Human Rights recently has issued both a poster and a fact sheet in connection with the New York City anti-harassment legislation we analyzed in our April Client Alert. No later than September 6, 2018, employers must prominently display the poster summarizing employees’ rights and remedies in an area where employees congregate. As of that date, employers must also distribute the anti-harassment fact sheet to new employees at the time of hire.

As a reminder, New York State’s version of the anti-harassment law requires that by October 9, 2018 all employers begin annual anti-harassment training, and implement a harassment policy complying with the law’s requirements. The New York City law also requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide annual anti-harassment training starting April 1, 2019. Because these requirements are annual requirements, employers must plan to complete a full training cycle no later than one year after the relevant implementation deadline. For a summary of further requirements regarding both laws, please refer to our April Client Alert.

We continue to track developments and the release of further materials concerning these laws. In the meantime, New York employers should be certain to comply with the new notice requirements and be prepared to implement training programs and policies consistent with the laws.

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