Haynes and Boone Ranked Among Most-Dominant Federal Circuit Firms

February 23, 2018

Haynes and Boone, LLP ranked among the law firms with the most patent wins in 2017 appeals before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, according to a survey by Law360

Haynes and Boone was among the 14 firms that “dominated the Federal Circuit in 2017,” Law360 reported, noting that the firms “handled some of the hottest issues in intellectual property last year, racking up wins and setting precedent in all corners of patent law.” 

Haynes and Boone was the only firm on the list that did not lose a Federal Circuit appeal in 2017, posting a 7-0 record at the court, the survey showed. 

Haynes and Boone’s Intellectual Property Practice has helped numerous clients protect their patents and invalidate others’ claims in trial proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). The firm is among the top 10 in the country filing inter partes review (IPR) petitions on behalf of petitioners, with an institution rate of 93 percent and a final decision rate of 91 percent for canceling claims (Docket Alarm, 2018).

Haynes and Boone also has had significant success protecting clients’ patent trial victories on appeal, as highlighted by the Law360 ranking. 

“We are very pleased that the trial wins we achieved for clients at the PTAB were affirmed last year in each and every case appealed to the Federal Circuit,” said Haynes and Boone Partner David O’Brien, who leads the firm’s Patent Office Trials Practice Group. “That success rate is a credit to the incredible skill and teamwork of our trial and appellate lawyers.” 

Haynes and Boone has been involved in more than 200 IPR and covered business method proceedings before the PTAB, most of them directed to patents in litigation. The firm’s lawyers regularly work with clients in an array of industries, including Internet, computer software, networks, protocols, information security, telecom equipment and standards, energy, imaging systems, semiconductor devices and fabrication, and business methods.

In compiling its annual ranking of the firms with the most Federal Circuit wins, Law360 reporters and researchers review opinions and judgments issued on patent disputes originating in the federal district courts, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. International Trade Commission, as well as the occasional patent dispute from the Court of Federal Claims. 

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