Connecticut Passes Law Mandating Paid Sick Leave

August 15, 2011
The Connecticut legislature recently passed Public Act 11-52 which, effective as of January 1, 2012, will require most employers that employ 50 or more individuals in Connecticut to provide certain employees with paid sick leave accruing at a rate of one hour per 40 hours worked, up to a maximum of 40 hours of sick leave in a calendar year.?á The law provides paid sick leave to "service workers" who are paid hourly and work in one of the various occupation categories identified in the law.?á Exceptions are made for certain manufacturing entities and tax-exempt nationally chartered organizations which provide services in recreation, child care, and education, as well as for employers with respect to day or temporary workers and non-hourly salaried professionals.?á Employers are deemed in compliance if they provide other leave (e.g., vacation, personal days or time off) that accrues as quickly as required under the law and can be used for the same purpose.?á Employers are also required to notify service workers of the new law.?á Upon hiring, a covered employer is obligated to inform its service workers that (1) they are entitled to paid sick leave, (2) the employer will not retaliate against them for requesting such leave, and (3) each worker has a right to file a complaint with the Connecticut Labor Commissioner for any violations.?á To satisfy these obligations, an employer may display a poster written in both English and Spanish in a conspicuous place.
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