Federal District Court Dismisses Benefit Claim from Greedy, Cheating Plaintiff

June 01, 2011
The employee received statements from the pension fund in 2004 reflecting no pension credits for any year before 2003. She requested that pension fund reflect such credits. After the pension fund refused, she filed suit. She did not meet the criteria for participation. The federal district court dismissed the suit upon granting two Rule 56 motions for absence of genuine issue of material fact. ?Ç£In candor, for Adkins?ÇÖ counsel to attach the misleading label of ?Ç£restitution?Ç¥ to her effort to latch onto other peoples?ÇÖ entitlements masks nothing but sheer greed. . .If Adkins were to succeed, that would be nothing more or less than cheating the system.?Ç¥ Adkins v. Local 705 Int?ÇÖl Brotherhood of Teamsters Pension Fund, No. 10 c 8279 (N.D.Ill. May 26, 2011).
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