JOBS Act FAQs Regarding Disclosure Exemption for Emerging Growth Companies

May 04, 2012
As previously reported, the JOBS Act exempts an ?Ç£emerging growth company?Ç¥ from certain executive compensation reporting requirements. Recent SEC FAQs provide additional guidance regarding the scaled down reporting requirements. An emerging growth company may amend its registration statement that was initially filed prior to April 5, 2012 to provide the scaled disclosure by either a pre-effective amendment to a pending registration statement or in a post-effective amendment. In addition, an emerging growth company that completed its initial public offering after December 8, 2011 and prior to April 5, 2012 may file its next periodic report using the scaled disclosure provisions. Finally, an emerging growth company may decide to comply with some of the scaled disclosure provisions and some of the regular disclosure requirements if it does not want to comply with all of the scaled disclosure provisions. The SEC?ÇÖs FAQs can be found here.
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