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Haynes and Boone Lawyers Contribute to Fourth Edition of ABA Clean Air Act Handbook

May 13, 2016

The American Bar Association (ABA) has released the Fourth Edition of The Clean Air Act Handbook, co-edited by two Haynes and Boone attorneys, Partner Julie Domike and Counsel Alec Zacaroli. Along with Counsel Jim Braddock, Domike and Zacaroli also authored three chapters of the 20-chapter book.

The Clean Air Act (CAA) remains one of the most significant and complex pieces of environmental legislation in the country’s history, and it continues to grow in both importance and reach. Bringing together the experience of more than 30 private and public sector practitioners to explain how the CAA is both implemented and practiced, The Clean Air Act Handbook provides a comprehensive examination of the statute and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) implementing regulations and policy guidance. It covers all aspects of the federal Clean Air Act, including climate change, air toxics, mobile sources and criminal and civil enforcement.   

The Handbook explores a wide range of Clean Air Act programs and issues, from permitting to civil and criminal enforcement and judicial review. It provides a broad and balanced perspective on all pertinent issues relating to the CAA, making it an ideal reference for the experienced as well as the more general environmental lawyer. For more information and to purchase a copy, visit the ABA website.

In her practice, Domike has represented companies that have been the focus of the EPA regulations and enforcement efforts, including refineries, engine manufacturers, independent power producers, fuel producers, and construction and farm equipment manufacturers. As a former EPA lawyer and manager, Domike understands the agency’s enforcement approach and clients count on her background and knowledge of the agency’s workings to engage with EPA in rulemaking and enforcement defense. Outside of her practice, Domike is an active member of the Environmental Law Institute and the ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources, serving as an air quality subject matter expert for the section.

Zacaroli has practiced in the area of air pollution law for nearly 20 years, counseling clients and representing them before the EPA, the California Air Resources Board and other state and federal agencies.  Zacaroli has successfully resolved enforcement proceedings; assisted clients in influencing and, where necessary, challenging agency rulemakings; achieved regulatory relief on behalf of clients through negotiations with federal and state regulators; and counseled clients on complex and often confusing environmental regulations.

With an abundance of experience in air quality matters, both as an attorney, general counsel, and manager of air quality planning for a regulatory agency (Texas Air Control Board), Braddock has developed extensive knowledge that goes beyond merely understanding agency rules. He has insights into the history and interpretation of agency rules as well as the policies and procedures used by agency personnel in rules administration. Whether it is permitting, compliance, or regulatory analysis and planning, his experience with local, state and federal agencies enables him to provide timely, focused assistance. Braddock assists clients to maintain compliance and to respond to enforcement actions.

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