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Nick Monier Q&A: Making Holiday Magic for Those in Need

December 19, 2023

The Haynes and Boone, LLP Dallas office has an annual tradition of supporting the Salvation Army Angel Tree Drive, donating over 500 gifts this year to 100 angels in need. We sat down with Counsel Nick Monier, who chairs the campaign alongside Associate Chelsi Vial, to learn more about the drive and the connection he has had with the organization since high school.

Q: For those who don’t know, can you tell me a bit about the Angel Tree Gift Drive?

Nick: Salvation Army has an Angel Tree Gift Drive every year, where applicants come to them with angels in need. These are children and adults who don’t have the means for presents during the holiday season. The gift drive is not affiliated with any religion or set of beliefs and is open for anyone in need during the holiday season. There are items listed on each angel template. Volunteers then sign up to purchase these items for the angel in need. Once the items get delivered to the warehouse, families pick up the gifts. If something is missing in their bag, there are extras on hand. This is especially helpful for those with kids who may be going through a growth spurt and have already outgrown the clothing sizes that were initially requested.

Q: What does the Dallas office do to support the Angel Tree Gift Drive?

Nick: The Dallas office commits to 100 angels a year. The goal is to get to at least 150 angels each year. I am always pleasantly surprised at the involvement the Dallas office takes on each year. Everyone is so excited to pick out angels and go shopping for the items and gifts needed. Each angel gets at least five gifts in their bag, so this year, the Dallas office donated over 500 gifts.

Q: Why is this gift drive close to your heart?

Nick: I have a history with the organization, and I have seen the community they serve. I was a part of Teach For America for two years in a low-income area in New York City, and I have seen what it is like for families who really need help during the holidays, not just with gifts for their kids but for needed items like coats and pants. Now, having kids of my own, the Angel Tree Drive is more important to me than ever. Each year, my family signs up for angels who are the same age as my children, and it really helps get them involved in the process. It allows them to recognize the privilege they have, and it reminds them of the importance of helping others when you have more than you need.

Q: People walk past the red buckets and bell ringers all season long. Why should they stop and donate?

Nick: All of the money donated in the red buckets is used to provide the miscellaneous items and presents in the warehouse. Those items are used to fill bags for angels who no one signed up to support, and they are used when different sizes or needs are present at pick up than they had when they applied for the program. Whether you are signing up for a specific angel or donating in the red buckets all over the country, your donations are going directly to a family in need.

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