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Tim Powers Profiled by Leading UK Finance Publication

March 29, 2017

Haynes and Boone, LLP Managing Partner Tim Powers appears on the cover of the April issue of InterContinental Finance & Law, a monthly UK publication that covers transactional activity across the globe.

In a detailed Q&A with the publication, Powers discussed the Haynes and Boone CDG merger, including the strategic needs that led to the combination and the fact that the merger was finalized shortly after the Brexit vote.

“The vote did not deter us in the slightest from pursuing the merger,” Powers said. “We remained convinced at the time — and still do— that London and English Law will continue to serve as a vital hub for international business.”

Powers also discussed Haynes and Boone’s history and culture, and how the firm plans to navigate some of the opportunities and challenges faced by international law firms, including the increasingly competitive business climate.

He explained: “We are well-positioned to succeed in [a flat-demand] environment as we have maintained strategic focus and have concentrated on building depth in the discreet practice areas — energy, technology, private equity and financial services — where we already possess considerable [experience] and many long-term client relationships.”

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