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Law360 Names Haynes and Boone Top 10 Firm for Minority Attorneys

June 27, 2018

Law360 has ranked Haynes and Boone, LLP as a Top 10 law firm for minority attorneys and minority equity partners. The 2018 Diversity Snapshot surveyed more than 300 law firms and highlighted the firms who met or surpassed the national average of minority representation for their size brackets.

Among firms of 300 to 599 lawyers, Haynes and Boone ranked 8 for having 10.43 percent minority equity partners. Additionally, the firm tied for 6th for its 19.5 percent of minority attorneys.

Diversity and inclusion are core values at Haynes and Boone. The firm seeks to attract, retain and promote individuals who reflect the global marketplace, the firm’s clients and the communities it serves. Haynes and Boone further strives to create an environment in which all individuals at every level, have the opportunity to succeed professionally.

The Diversity Law Institute, a nonprofit international association committed to inclusion in the legal professional and justice systems in the United States and Canada, recognized Haynes and Boone for the firm’s “excellence, involvement and efforts” to further diversity within the legal profession at the 2017 Diversity Law Institute Summit & Awards. In 2017, Vault ranked Haynes and Boone in the Top 20 in the United States for diversity.

To read the full Law360 article about the best firms for minority equity partners, click here.

To read the full Law360 article about the best firms for minority attorneys, click here.

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