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Jonathan Hallman offers his clients exceptionally deep experience in patent prosecution, having drafted over 1000 patent applications. He has a particular focus on prosecuting applications for the CMOS arts, including embedded memories, I/O, PLLs, power management, and processor architectures. In addition, he has drafted numerous applications for WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G developments, GPS and other satellite-based positioning systems, and switching power converters including flyback, buck, and multi-level buck converters.

Jon has also written assorted patent applications for clients in the deep-learning field for both natural-language and image processing. In addition to this concentration in the electrical arts, Jon maintains an active medical device practice and has drafted applications in the chemical arts including mass spectrometers and ion-exchange columns.

Clients also seek Jon’s representation in connection with patent threats from third parties and portfolio acquisitions. He has also assisted clients in a substantial number of patent litigation and ITC matters.

In addition to his UCLA law degree, Jon holds an M.S. in electrical engineering and a B.S. in chemistry. Prior to his legal career, Jon worked as an electrical engineer designing and implementing signal processing algorithms for radar-guided missiles. Jon’s experience and educational background enable him to draft patent claims of optimal scope. For example, Qualcomm recently sued a major tech company for infringement of numerous patents, including one drafted by Jon. The defendant brought aggressive in partes review (IPR) challenges against each patent. But the patent drafted by Jon was one of the minority that was robust to the IPR challenge because Jon’s technical background gives him a deep understanding of his clients’ inventions and his lawyering enables him to properly claim those inventions. 

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  • State Bar of California
  • Orange County Patent Law Association
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J.D., University of California Los Angeles School of Law, 1996

M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1988

B.S., Chemistry, Illinois State University, 1983



U.S. Patent and Trademark Office