Judge David Hittner: All in the Family


A ringing phone in 1986 would signal the pivotal point in my legal career.

"Lynne, this is David Hittner," the caller said. "Now that I am moving over to the federal court, would you be my co-author on the summary judgment article?"

He was offering a dream chance to a young appellate lawyer to work on the law review article referred to as the "Bible on Summary Judgments." What I failed then to appreciate was that, more important than his wonderful invitation, I had just been adopted into the best legal family in Texas.

"Adoption" is the description Judge Sharon McCally gave of the experience of joining the David Hittner circle. "The word 'mentor' has become the popular word," explains the state district court judge. "It's not enough to describe Judge. You are adopted. You are part of his family, so wherever you go and however you grow, he is a part of your future."

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