Liza Mark Discusses Opportunities and Challenges in Trade with China


In a recent interview, Liza Mark, administrative partner and chief representative of the Shanghai office of Haynes and Boone, LLP (美国海博国际律师事务所), discussed growth in outbound investments from China, U.S.-China trade tensions and the challenges multinationals face in "living under two different regulatory regimes."

When Haynes and Boone opened its Shanghai office in 2013, she said, the firm’s goal was to capitalize on growth in Chinese investments overseas.

“We’re still seeing quite a bit of growth in outbound investment, so Haynes and Boone is quite optimistic with the legal business in China or our Shanghai office,” she told the American Chamber, Shanghai, as part of its China Business Report.

Liza Mark also discussed U.S.-China trade tensions and potential regulatory changes governing trade and Chinese investments into the U.S., and the resulting uncertainty that has created. Haynes and Boone must help its clients in China understand and navigate through international regulatory changes that are affecting growth.

“Effectively, [our clients] are living under two different regulatory regimes. There will be difficulties in legal interpretation because of the way the [two] legal systems are set up,” she said, explaining that China uses a civil law system in which laws are “pronounced” while the U.S. and U.K. have common law systems.

To watch a video of the interview on YouTube, click here.

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