Purvi Patel Albers in Managing IP: Companies: Watch Budgets and Licenses When You Rebrand


Haynes and Boone, LLP Partner Purvi Patel Albers talked with Managing IP about how companies need to think through their future expansion strategies when rebranding.

Here is an excerpt:

Rebranding can be challenging for companies, in part because it’s so expensive. Companies must consider which countries they’ll clear their new trademarks in and what the risks are if they don’t register them.

Purvi Patel Albers, a partner at Haynes and Boone in Dallas, says companies might initially only plan to use a mark in certain jurisdictions. But if they want to expand later, they may find the mark is not available in the new country. They then have to use different names in different countries, she adds.

Albers says that companies should think about where they want to be in one, five and 10 years from now. They should decide which countries are realistic and which are aspirational – and budget from there, she says.

While rebranding often involves a company changing its name or the name of a product, sometimes the process just includes changing a logo or packaging. Even when brands don’t change their names, they can still run into difficulties.

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