Public Finance

Haynes and Boone has extensive experience in providing public finance legal services to governmental entities such as states, counties, municipalities, school districts, special districts and tax-exempt organizations in the issuance of debt securities for the financing and development of major capital projects. Our experience includes representation as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriters’ counsel, issuer’s counsel, special tax counsel, bank counsel and trustee’s counsel. We regularly advise governmental clients on post-closing securities and disclosure issues, tax compliance and IRS audit issues and legislative issues. Our experience with a wide variety of financing structures enables us to provide valuable consultation and advice to clients and their financial advisors regarding the requirements of various financing structures and any disclosure issues. The firm also represents entities which conduct business with governmental entities.

Our team also provides special services not ordinarily required in connection with the issuance of bonds. These include disclosure services required between bond offerings with respect to a client’s financial situation, credit ratings, financial reports, IRS audits and pending legislation or litigation, and ongoing arbitrage and related compliance.

Haynes Boone prides itself on our quality of legal work and client service. Our clients have hired us time and again because they are confident in our legal abilities, the quality of our written product and the ease of working with us.

Haynes and Boone’s commitment to a teamwork culture means that the firm can provide representation throughout the entire lifecycle of public finance projects and capital intensive projects. Not only do we provide guidance for bond issuances, but we also advise clients on real estate issues, environmental issues, utility regulation, other transactional matters and potential litigation.

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