FDA Breaks Its Silence on CBD

July 28, 2020

After much anticipation, the FDA has begun, once again, to address its policies on cannabidiol (CBD) via:

  1. FDA’s issuance of a second report to Congress regarding data collected about CBD products on the market (July 9, 2020);
  2. Draft guidance regarding clinical development of cannabis-derived compounds (July 21, 2020); and
  3. Draft guidance on its much-anticipated and long-awaited CBD enforcement policy (sent to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) July 22, 2020).

To date, FDA’s movement has not officially changed the agency’s existing position on the legal status of various CBD-containing consumer products (cosmetics, dietary supplements, etc.), and more is expected, but the recent report to Congress and draft guidance on investigations involving CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds do shed light on FDA’s current thinking about cannabis and CBD.

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