NBC Covers Haynes Boone Contract Negotiation Lesson With High School Students

Last week, NBC attended a contract negotiation lesson at Pinkston High School led by attorneys from Haynes and Boone, LLP’s Pipeline Initiative Network. The students practiced their new skills by working out a new contract for Dak Prescott to play with the Dallas Cowboys.

This program is part of the longstanding partnership between the firm’s Pipeline Initiative Network and Pinkston. This school year, Haynes Boone has presented on the power of LinkedIn, held mock trials and practiced one-on-one interviews with the students. Associates Ben Breckler and Re’Necia Sherald lead the network and joined Ashley Koos, Lydia Dohvoma, Sean Lewis, Austria Arnold and Janet Wyse in guiding the students through the negotiation process.

Watch NBC’s video of the negotiations below:

To read the full article in NBC DFW, click here.

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