Inclusion Networks

Inclusion Networks

We launched our 10 Inclusion Networks to foster diversity, equity and inclusion as a collective and sustained focus. Led by partners and associates from across the firm, and with executive sponsors to support each group, we’re cultivating both safe spaces and an active community of allies.


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Haynes Boone Inclusion Networks


We are committed to building support systems for and improving representation of Black attorneys at every level in our firm, especially in leadership positions. We focus on recruiting, retention, professional development and advancement, as well as pipeline initiatives for Black students.

Black Lawyer Alliance Inclusion Network Co-Chairs:

Errol Brown, Counsel

Robin Ladd, Associate




We are dedicated to supporting Asian and Pacific Islander attorneys throughout their career at our firm—from recruitment to their first position, to nurturing their professional growth, to advocating for advancement into leadership roles.

Asian/Pacific Islander Network Co-Chairs:

Brian Kwok, Partner
San Francisco

Kalyani Joshi, Associate
Washington, D.C.


Hispanic Network

Our Latin and Hispanic attorneys create community within our firm. We foster career development and advancement through recruitment and retention initiatives, with a strong focus on mentoring.

Latin/Hispanic Network Co-Chairs:

Carlos Carrasco, Partner
San Antonio

Fernando Mendez, Associate
New York

We are committed to creating safe and inclusive environments for our team, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. Working with allies throughout the firm, our PRIDE Network supports career growth, identifies opportunities to increase diversity, equity and inclusion, and advocates for a work environment that supports diverse individuals and families.

Pride Network Co-Chairs:

Ben Pelletier, Partner
San Francisco

Wilson Miller, Associate

We value the cross-functional and leadership experience that veterans and military service members bring to our team. To support their transition from military to a law firm culture, we offer education, mentorship, and community. Our MVP Network provides a bridge of support, while also promoting the leadership skills that our veterans and military service members bring to the firm. 

Military, Veterans and Partners Network Co-Chairs:

Mark Johnson, Partner

Alex Clark, Associate



Our First Generation Inclusion Network supports members of the firm who are the first in their families to graduate from college and embark on a legal career. Members offer structural support on every aspect of corporate culture, from network building to professional advancement to communication skills. The group also promotes practices that recognize and reward the unique achievements of professionals who come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

First Generation Network Co-Chairs:

Michael Coleman, Associate

Mary Mendoza, Partner


Our firm focuses on the next generation of firm leaders - Millennials and GenZ attorneys. Our Next Generation Inclusion Network is developing innovative professional development programs that are positive, inclusive and proactive. In addition to fostering leadership at every career stage, the group also cultivates relationships between junior members of our teams—and those on the client side, too. Our Next Gen Network also focuses on inclusion across all generations within our firm.

Next Generation Network Co-Chairs:

Tiffany Ferris, Partner

Khalil Bryant, Associate

Our Pipeline Inclusion Network supports, encourages and develops a diverse future legal profession. We work with students at every grade level—from elementary school to middle and high school to law school—in our local communities. Our attorneys introduce younger students to the day-to-day work of attorneys, exposing them to the many opportunities in the legal and business fields. For law school students, we offer mentorship and assistance to help them navigate their law school experience and prepare for their legal profession careers.

PIN PALS Network Co-Chairs:

Ben Breckler, Associate

Re’Necia Sherald, Associate

As one of the first firms in Texas to elevate women to partnership, we’ve always taken gender equity seriously. Today, we are proud of our strong gender representation among associates, partners, and leaders. But we’re not finished. Our Women’s Network focuses on providing career support as well improving both our workplace and our culture. It’s part of our legacy that we are proud to carry forward, to build upon and continue to improve.

Women's Initiative Network Co-Chairs:

Tamara Devitt, Partner
Orange County

Erin Hennessy, Partner
New York


We recognize the challenges that parents and caregivers face as they balance their professional ambitions with their personal commitments. Our Working Parents and Caregivers inclusion Network is rooted in shared experiences; it’s a community that offers support, solutions and resources. The group also consults on firm policies and practices to create a compassionate and flexible work environment that accommodates the complexities of life.

Working Parents and Caregivers Network Co-Chairs:

Natasha Breaux, Partner

Nick Monier, Partner