Inclusion Networks

Commonly known as “affinity groups,” Inclusion Networks are groups of people who are connected by a common identity, interest or purpose. The ADEIC launched 10 Inclusion Networks in 2022, all designed to develop and promote diversity and inclusion as a collective and sustained focus.

The Inclusion Networks are led by the ADEIC Co-chairs and Partners Tom Chen and Vera SuarezThese are the 10 Inclusion Networks and their Chairs:

The Asian/Pacific Islander Network
Chairs: Brian Kwok, Partner (San Francisco) and Karina Oshunkentan (Washington, D.C.)

The Black/African American Network
Chairs: Theresa Conduah, Partner (Orange County) and Robin Ladd, Associate (Dallas)

The Latin/Hispanic Network
Chairs: Ricardo Garcia-Moreno, Partner (Houston) and Carlos Carrasco, Associate (San Antonio)

The LGBTQ+ Network
Chairs: Odean Volker, Partner (Houston) and Joanna Pearce, Associate (Dallas)

The Women's Initiative Network
Chairs: Tamara Devitt, Partner (Orange County) and Erin Hennessy, Partner (New York)

The Working Parents and Caregivers Network
Chairs: Arsalan Muhammad, Partner (Houston) and Laura Whitley, Partner (Dallas)

The Veterans Network
Chairs: Paul Amiel, Partner (Dallas) and Alex Clark, Associate (Dallas)

The Pipeline Initiatives Network
Chairs: Jeff Civins, Senior Counsel (Austin) and Camie Carlock McKee, Associate (Dallas)

The First Generation Network (“First Gen”)
Chairs:  Jason Jordan, Partner (Dallas) and Jolene Robin-McCaskill, Associate (Dallas-North)

The Next Generation Network (“Next Gen”)
Chairs: Tiffany Ferris, Partner (Dallas) and Angel Rendon, Associate (New York)


For more information about the committee and sub-committees, please contact the Diversity Department at

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