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Buddy Clark's 'Oil Capital' Book Catalogued at University of St Andrews

November 30, 2020
Haynes and Boone, LLP Partner Bernard F. Clark, Jr.’s book “Oil Capital, The History of American Oil, Wildcatters, Independents and Their Bankers” is now catalogued at the library of the University of St Andrews.

“Oil Capital” will be included as essential reading for a course titled “The Anthropology of Energy” that will be taught by Dr. Sean Field, PhD and Social Anthropology Research Fellow at St Andrews.

In addition to now being catalogued at Scotland’s University of St Andrews – one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world – the book is also included in collections at leading Texas law schools, such as Southern Methodist University Libraries. In addition, it has been included in the curriculum at The University of Texas Law School and Tulane Law School. “Oil Capital” is available for purchase on Amazon.

Clark, who serves as co-chair of the firm’s Energy Practice Group, is one of the nation’s leading advisers to energy companies and their lenders. He is recognized among America’s best lawyers in the 2021 edition of The Best Lawyers in America directory and a 2020 "Lawyer of the Year" by Best Lawyers, both published by published by Woodward/White, Inc.

Haynes and Boone has more than 100 lawyers actively involved in all aspects of energy law, from traditional oil and gas to renewables and electrical transmission. Haynes and Boone is recognized as a leading energy focused law firm and is widely cited in the media for its Bankruptcy Reporters tracking bankruptcies filed since 2015 among producers, oil field service companies and midstream pipelines.

About ‘Oil Capital’

“Oil Capital” is a deeply-researched book that recounts the industry’s booms and busts for more than 150 years, providing unique perspective and vital context about the current state of the energy market.

“Oil Capital” covers the rise of independent American oilmen — starting with the first commercial wells developed in Pennsylvania in the 1850s up to the present day shale gas revolution — viewed from a novel vantage point: the critical role bankers and investors have played in financing the producers’ quest for oil buried deep underground.

Published in 2016, the book traces the flow of capital that has financed America’s energy entrepreneurs to explore, compete and develop America’s oil and gas industry as the world’s leader.

“The accomplishments of [American] oil companies were and are as dependent upon access to capital as they have been upon access to the hydrocarbons they seek to exploit,” Clark writes. Or as Joe Bridges, a successful Texas oilman interviewed by Clark, puts it: “The oil and gas business is always out of money. It just inhales capital.”
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