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McGinnis in Yale Daily News: Inaugural YaleWomen Award for Excellence

April 06, 2016
Washington, D.C. Partner Ellen McGinnis was recently featured in a Yale Daily News article on the selection of Linda Lorimer, former vice president for Global and Strategic Initiatives, as the inaugural recipient of YaleWomen's Award for Excellence.

McGinnis, immediate past chair of YaleWomen, told the newspaper that Lorimer was chosen because she actively championed the formation of YaleWomen and women’s issues for many years in her roles at the university.

The award was established to recognize a particularly outstanding individual or individuals for either a singular contribution, or for contributions made over many years, to the goals and aspirations for which YaleWomen was founded.

 “I am deeply honored that YaleWomen has chosen me for this award. But I am even more pleased to see how YaleWomen has thrived,” Lorimer told the newspaper. “It offers an incredible set of programs each year that attract women graduates of every school and college."

When asked if the award was exclusive to Yale graduates or women, McGinnis said that future Awards of Excellence may honor males, who are not members of the organization. The official criteria for the award state that it may be conferred on men who have “worked for the same goals and satisfy the criteria.”

“It is critically important to recognize the effort that men have made to social equality for women, because the whole society needs to change in order to advance women’s opportunities,” McGinnis said.

Lorimer will receive the award May 2 at an award dinner hosted at the Yale Club of New York City.

Excerpted from the Yale Daily News. To read the full article, please click here.

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