McCombs, Goryunov, Blikshteyn, McCarty, Titus in The Patent Lawyer: ‘The Supreme Court Leaves Patent Eligibility in Flux’

David McCombs, Eugene Goryunov, Dina Blikshteyn, Michael McCarty and Nora Titus authored an article in The Patent Lawyer about the uncertain state of patent eligibility after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear three cases on the matter.

Read an excerpt below:

In May 2023, the US Supreme Court declined to hear three cases concerning patent eligibility: Interactive Wearables LLC v. Polar Electro OY, Tropp v. Travel Sentry Inc., and Avery Dennison Corp. v. ADASA Inc. This is despite the US solicitor general, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and the bar asking for clarity and certainty in applying the now infamous patent eligibility test.

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