Suzie Trigg in Supply Chain World Magazine: You can Ensure Product Integrity Through Supply Chain Certification and Contracts

March 28, 2019

The marketing team wants to say that your products are "Made in USA," "ethically sourced" and "craftsman made." Can you say these things?

Sure! Can you say them without receiving a regulator's inquiry or a potential lawsuit for false and deceptive advertising? That depends on how well you prepare to respond to questions about the products and their components and manufacturing.

It is well understood that proper supply chain management is essential for efficient manufacturing and distribution, particularly as supply chains continue to become larger and more complex. The multifaceted nature of supply chains requires a management program that includes many different components, such as conducting proper diligence on potential players like suppliers, negotiating clear and protective agreements, and implementing thorough vendor certification programs (VCPs). This article focuses on how the implementation of a strong VCP can increase the safety and quality of products as well as support other organizational goals, such as ensuring products are consistent with claims made in advertising and promotional materials. ...

Excerpted from Supply Chain World. To read the full article, click here.