Pascal for LatinVex: Latin American Aviation Defies Protectionist Winds


Although President Trump has criticized free trade policies such as the NAFTA, in Latin America in general and in the aviation sector in particular, we continue to see a variety of important market opening and cross-border developments. In Chile (Sebastian Pinera), Argentina (Mauricio Macri), Peru (Pedro Pablo Kuczynski), Brazil (Michel Temer), we have seen the rise of right-of-center leaders who more openly embrace free trade policies that the US has historically promoted. ...

The aviation sector is an area where US companies are strong, and combined with the shifting political winds in several large Latin American markets, may result in further liberalization and increasing cross-border transactions in 2018. In particular, Latin American countries are showing greater signs of recognizing that a vibrant civil aviation sector is an important piece of an economic development strategy for their countries.

Excerpted from Latinvex. To read the full article, click here.

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