Haynes and Boone Mentioned in Law360: Texas High Court Declines Review of Tony Romo's NFL Suit

June 12, 2020
A Haynes and Boone, LLP legal team scored another touchdown for the NFL in the case of The Fan Expo LLC v. National Football League. For a second time, the Texas Supreme Court rejected former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's request for a jury in his case, which claims the NFL doomed his fantasy sports convention.

Haynes and Boone, LLP Partners Anne M. Johnson and Thad Behrens, Associate Andrew Guthrie and Partner Charlie M. Jones represent the NFL.

Here is an excerpt of a Law360 article:

The court denied The Fan Expo LLC's petition Friday, months after the company argued the court should review the case because the appeals court had naively taken the NFL at its word when it said it did not intentionally tank a 2016 fantasy football convention. Fan Expo said that a jury should have been allowed to decide whether the NFL killed the convention by strong-arming a sponsor, video game maker Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), into withdrawing from the event.

The Fifth Court of Appeals had backed a trial court's dismissal of the case and said correspondence between the NFL and EA was innocent and didn't show the league was trying to use its influence to force EA to withdraw.

The NFL pushed back against Fan Expo's petition to the state Supreme Court in March, saying that the lower court decisions were correct and that it had told EA it had no problem with the company continuing to sponsor the expo. It said it only objected to the use of its trademarked NFL shield on Fan Expo promotional materials without permission.

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