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Haynes and Boone Lawyers Contribute to Sixth Edition of Thomson Reuters Texas Environmental Law Treatise

January 24, 2017

Six Haynes and Boone, LLP lawyers, led by Austin Senior Counsel Jeff Civins, updated chapters in the recently released 2016-2017 edition of the Texas Environmental Law treatise published by Thomson Reuters as Volumes 45 and 46 of its Texas Practice Series.

The two-volume project, comprising about 2,000 pages contributed by more than 40 members of the State Bar of Texas Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section, is intended to be a practice-oriented resource on Texas environmental law. It includes in-depth discussions of a range of topics relating to environmental law, as well as an overview of state agencies, administrative procedures and enforcement.

“The treatise represents a significant effort by a talented group of lawyers in our state’s environmental bar,” said Civins. “My co-editors and I are proud of this comprehensive body of work that hopefully will continue to serve as a valuable reference for practitioners in this state.”

Substantive topics covered include: pollution programs; other environmental programs, such as water rights, conservation and land use programs, occupational health and safety, and indoor air quality; regulation of specific substances, such as asbestos, medical waste, radioactive materials, and used oil; regulation of specific activities, such as border activities, agricultural, oil and gas, mining, and renewable energy; and topics of general interest to practitioners, including business transactions, insurance, and ethics. 

Under the direction of Civins, the hard-back version was published originally in 1997. Haynes and Boone contributors include Civins on environmental aspects of business transactions; Austin Of Counsel Jim Braddock on air quality; Houston Partner Michael Mazzone on torts; Austin Counsel Carie McKinney on oil and hazardous substance spills, and Austin Partners Mary Mendoza and Leslie Thorne on storage tanks and insurance, respectively.

The treatise is available for ordering online at the Thomson Reuters website.

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