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Haynes and Boone Ranks Among Nation's Top Firms in 2019 IPR Intelligence Report

September 05, 2019

Patexia’s annual IPR Intelligence Report released last week ranked Haynes and Boone, LLP and many of its lawyers among the nation’s leaders in Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). The 2019 report featured seven Haynes and Boone lawyers among the Top 100 in several categories, including “best performing attorneys representing Petitioners” and “best performing attorneys representing Petitioners or Patent Owners.”

“We are pleased to have so many lawyers rank among the nation’s top performers,” said Partner David O’Brien, who leads the firm’s Patent Office Trials Practice Group and serves as lead counsel for leading technology companies in IPR and other post-grant trials before the PTAB. “The IPR rankings speak to the incredible breadth of talent and resources we have at the firm and the caliber of teams we field for clients.”

Haynes and Boone (as a firm) is also listed among the Top 20 firms in four categories – up from three categories last year. In addition, seven of the firm’s lawyers are named as either “Top 100 Most Active Attorneys” or “Top 100 Best Performing Attorneys.”

As Patexia noted in its summary, “The firm is ranked the 12th best performing firm on the petitioner side in 2019. They are also the 10th most active firm on the petitioner side with 205 cases, which makes it even more impressive, as it shows their consistent quality of work over more than 200 cases. Overall, they are the 15th most active firm.

“Many firms and attorneys asked us to rank up to the Top 100 in various categories,” Patexia states. “The Top 100 represents the Top 2%, which is a significant accomplishment.”

Here is the breakdown:

Top 100 Best Performing Attorneys representing Petitioners:

  • Scott Jarratt ranked 26th, with a score of 82%. Jarratt is a partner who has been with the firm for 10 years and serves as lead counsel in IPR proceedings across numerous technological fields including wireless telecommunications and consumer electronics.
  • David O’Brien ranked 29th, with a score of 81%.
  • Andrew Ehmke ranked 59th, with a score of 72%. Ehmke is primary counsel for many high-profile technology companies in IPR proceedings before the PTAB. His practice spans nearly 20 years.
  • Theodore Foster ranked 65th, with a score of 70%. Foster, a partner who started at the firm 12 years ago, represents both petitioners and patent owners in IPR challenges and other post-grant proceedings before the Office.
  • David O’Dell ranked 85th, with a score of 67%. O’Dell is a chair of the Patent Trials and Counseling Practice with more than 20 years of experience as a patent lawyer, including participating in IPR, negotiating patent licenses, and preparing and prosecuting patent applications.

Top 100 Best Performing Attorneys (representing Petitioners or Patent Owners):

  • Foster ranked 18th, with a score of 73%.
  • Ehmke ranked 22nd, with a score of 72%.
  • David McCombs ranked 59th, with a score of 62%, is primary counsel for many leading corporations in IPR, reexamination, and concurrent patent litigation in the federal courts and before the U.S. Patent Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board.
  • O’Dell ranked 73rd, with a score of 59%.

Top 100 Best Performing Law Firms representing Petitioners:

  • Haynes and Boone ranked 12th, with a score of 66%. No other firm ranked above Haynes and Boone in this category handled more cases.

Top 100 Best Performing Law Firms overall (representing Petitioners or Patent Owners):

  • Haynes and Boone ranked 17th, with a score of 62%.

Top 100 Most Active Attorneys representing Petitioners:

  • McCombs ranked 7th, with 125 petitioner cases.
  • Gregory Huh ranked 37th, with 59 cases. Huh, an associate who started at the firm nine years ago, actively represents a wide variety of clients in complex and disputed matters.
  • Ehmke ranked 41st, with 58 cases.
  • Foster ranked 43rd, with 57 cases.
  • O’Dell ranked 64th, with 45 cases.

Additional Report Numbers and Sample:

McCombs ranked 15th, with 137 cases, in “Top 50 Most Active Attorneys overall (representing Petitioners or Patent Owners).” Haynes and Boone (as a firm) ranked 10th, with 205 petitioner cases, in “Top 100 Most Active Law Firms representing Petitioners.” Haynes and Boone was the top performer of the 22 most active firms.

The firm also ranked 15th, with 237 cases, in “Top 100 Most Active Law Firms overall (representing Petitioners or Patent Owners).”

The 2019 IPR Intelligence Report covers more than 8,100 IPR cases for the last five years (from July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2019). Patexia analyzed about 5,000 unique patents and more than 80,000 unique claims challenged over the last five years to come up with the performance scores for all attorneys, law firms and companies on the patent owner and petitioner sides.

Haynes and Boone is an international corporate law firm with offices in Texas, New York, California, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C., London, Mexico City and Shanghai, providing a full spectrum of legal services in energy, technology, financial services and private equity. With more than 550 lawyers, Haynes and Boone is ranked among the largest U.S.-based firms by The National Law Journal, The American Lawyer and The Lawyer. It also ranks among the nation’s most recommended law firms by general counsel, according to BTI Consulting Group’s “Most Recommended Law Firms 2019” report.

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