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Haynes Boone Embraces Efficiency and Modernization with 8 Recent Strategic Office Relocations

July 09, 2024

Haynes and Boone, LLP has recently completed the relocation of eight offices across North America over the past two years in a concerted effort to optimize operational efficiency, embrace post-COVID modernization and support employee and client collaboration.

This initiative has not only enhanced workspaces to support growth and innovation, but it also has reduced the firm's overall square footage by standardizing individual office sizes and moving to cloud-based storage. In 2022, Haynes Boone began this transition by relocating offices in Mexico City and Denver. These moves were followed in 2023 by the relocation of the Dallas office in September and the Austin office in December. Continuing this momentum, the firm moved its Woodlands office in February 2024 and relocated offices in Charlotte, San Antonio and San Francisco in April.

In total, 548 of the firm’s 1,188 employees (and 331 of the firm’s nearly 700 lawyers) are now based in brand new, state-of-the-art office space.


"In today's rapidly changing business environment, it is more essential than ever to adapt and evolve," said Haynes Boone Chief Operating Officer Dave Boden. "By relocating to more efficient offices, we are reducing our footprint while creating modern workspaces that support our employees and facilitate client service."

The new offices are designed to provide a modern, efficient workspace that meets the needs of employees and supports the firm's trajectory for future growth. The firm has prioritized the creation of LEED Gold Certified first-generation green spaces, tech-enabled conference rooms and a multitude of well-being amenities, including gym memberships, bike storage and wellness rooms for employees.


This growth-minded journey towards efficiency marks a significant step in Haynes Boone's post-COVID strategy, including its prioritization of a vibrant culture where people collaborate in person together.

"Our facilities team, led by Dave Boden, has done an outstanding job managing these relocations to assure teamwork and collaboration across the firm," said Managing Partner Taylor Wilson. "Their dedication and strategic approach have been instrumental in ensuring that our new offices not only meet our current needs, but also position us for future success.”

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